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Use the calculator below to see how much your company could save going digital with Pool Shark H2O

How Much Could You Save?

Pool Shark H2O with optional Integrated LaMotte Spin Touch

Minimum Savings Expected

Does not include savings from reduced chemicals and longer equipment life!

Annual Savings for year round pools: 0*
Annual Savings for seasonal pools(12 weeks): 0*
Manual Testing 0
Spin Touch Testing 0

* Savings estimates includes cost for Pool Shark H2O licensing and $2.60/disk cost of 4329 single use reagent disk for Spin Touch as well as $1.10/test/manual testing reagents. Does NOT include the price of the Spin Touch water tester.

Assumptions: Water testing time estimates for complete water test (free, total and combined chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, pHosphate, iron, copper, cya stabilizer). Manual testing time 18 minutes to test and 10 minutes to calculate chemical dosages.

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