Commercial Pool Management System

Give your staff the tools they need to keep swimming pools and spas clean and compliant with health department regulations.

Pool Shark H2O commercial pool maintenance system

Chemical Tests Recorded .. and Counting

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Pools that are managed correctly cost less to own and run!

Pool Shark H2O replaces traditional paper commercial pool logs with a simple, easy to implement and manage cloud-based solution that brings you and your team confidence that your pools are being managed right. 

Digital Pool Log Books

Keep all your 100% health department compliant pool log books accessible in your pocket!

Simply enter pool chemical test results into the Pool Shark H2O app for instant water analysis and chemical dosage recommendations. Your results are logged automatically.


Simplified Water Chemical Testing

Use your current water chemical test kit or an Integrated LaMotte Spin Touch

60 Seconds is all it takes, when Pool Shark H2O is integrated with the optional LaMotte WaterLink Spin Touch.  A complete water test for 10 chemicals is completed, logged and analyzed.

Remote Management for All Facilities

Reduce the number of visits to your pools to ensure that pools are being maintained and that pool chemicals are being applied properly. 

Notifications remind staff when pools need to be tested and alerts inform managers and staff when pools haven’t been tested or need attention. 

How Much Could You Save?

Pool Shark H2O with Integrated LaMotte Spin Touch

Minimum Savings Expected

Does not include savings from reduced chemicals and longer equipment life!

Annual Savings for year round pools: 0*
Annual Savings for seasonal pools(12 weeks): 0*
Manual Testing 0
Spin Touch Testing 0

* Savings estimates includes cost for Pool Shark H2O licensing and $2.60/disk cost of 4329 single use reagent disk for Spin Touch as well as $1.10/test/manual testing reagents. Does NOT include the price of the Spin Touch water tester.

Assumptions: Water testing time estimates for complete water test (free, total and combined chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, pHosphate, iron, copper, cya stabilizer). Manual testing time 18 minutes to test and 10 minutes to calculate chemical dosages.

Your Subscription Saves Lives!

Step Into Swim Partners with Pool Shark H2O

Each year, thousands of families are affected by the loss of a child or loved one to drowning. Learning to swim from a qualified instructor is an essential skill that builds confidence in the water and saves lives – drastically reducing the risk of drowning by 88 percent. Drowning is preventable, and together we can empower and develop young swimmers to Step Into Swim safely and confidently.

Help Us Make A Difference!

In 2024, for every new pool using the Pool Shark H2O App, a swimmer’s lessons will be sponsored.

Improve Risk Management & Reduce Liability

Owning a commercial pool carries risk and potential liability. Insurance companies expect you to operate your pool(s) responsibly and to follow health regulations to be protected. 

Gain the peace of mind knowing that your commercial water operations are safe and healthy and that you have the records to prove it. 

Pool Shark H2O App - Administration Dashboard
Pool Shark H2O chemical recording system clean pools

Consistent, sparkling clean pools are what guests and customers expect

Pools managed by Pool Shark H2O have better water quality, are rarely cloudy and have more open days. Pools that spin out of control require seasoned staff or outside services to recover the chemical balance. This can require costly draining and refilling or very expensive acid washes. Not only is the pool down, but it’s become even more expensive to own. 

After 3 years of campaigning for this software , my HOA board has approved the use of Pool Shark H2O. I’m the aquatic facility operator of a 13 Acre waterpark and resort, my maintenance crew and I tender 6 bodies of water. Within the last month we have saved chemicals, time, and labor costs far beyond what I would have imagined. I strongly recommend this software to anyone

Jeremy R.

Aquatic Director


Pool Shark H2O integrates seamlessly with LaMotte WaterLink Spin Touch testers and Prominent pool controllers to simplify pool management!

LaMotte + Pool Shark H2O Integration
ProMinent Controllers & PoolSharkH2o Integration
Using the Pool Shark H2O system we eliminated the need to acid wash any of our pools last year. In the past we have done at least 4 a year.

Regional Service Director, Fairfield Residential

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