Corporate Solutions for Pool Maintenance

See What's Going On At Your Properties
“Before implementing Pool Shark H2O, it was very difficult to monitor pool testing at all of our properties to ensure compliance. This application has made it easy for both site maintenance to complete their required logs and management to remotely pull up records at any time. I definitely recommend Pool Shark H2O to any property owner or management company responsible to keeping up with the demands of a commercial pool.”
Cody M.

Regional Maintenance Manager, The NRP Group

Reporting / Auditing Capabilities for All Properties

Review all pool logs from anywhere to ensure they are being properly maintained and records are in compliance with government regulations.

The Pool Shark H2O system provides the ability to hold staff at remote locations accountable and head off costly issues before they happen.

Reduce Pool Operation Costs

Time Savings:

The typical Pool Shark H2O user spends 2 minutes in our app and they are done.

  • No more lost pool logs to track down for each pool
  • No more human errors from manually calculating chemical dosages
  • Eliminate time spent tracking down senior staff when pools need attention
Reduce Chemical Costs:

Chemical dosing instructions specific to your pool reduces the chemicals needed when compared to generic dosage charts. Easy to follow instructions keep staff from guessing at amounts.
A properly balanced pool requires less chemicals to maintain.

Consistent Compliance and Management Platform

Is your maintenance staff staying in compliance with government swimming pool regulations across all your properties? The Pool Shark H2O system provides a standard platform to ensure all your properties maintain pool logs and water chemical levels to meet health department compliance.

Reduce Training Time for New Staff

Pools are tricky and bringing new staff onboard with all the jobs they perform can be a long process. The Pool Shark H2O system helps ensure your pool water quality doesn’t suffer! Instant water analysis gives anyone the ability to keep water chemical levels safe. Automatic notifications keep managers and senior staff informed when pools need attention, helping to make sure pools stay safe.

What does it cost to close your pool for a day?

How about a month?

Reduce Pool Closings and Health Department Fines

Pool Closed For Maintenance
According to the Center for Disease Control, 80% of commercial pools have health code violations due to poor water quality and recording issues. Apartment complexes and hotels typically have higher rates of violations due to frequent staff turnover. 

Keep Your Company OUT of the News!

Each week, there are more and more reports about pool closings due to poor water quality and incorrectly maintained pools. Don’t let YOUR company make this list!

“Closing one of our pools can cost us over $2,000 a day in lost revenue from classes, parties and scheduled events.”

Sr. Aquatics Director, Greater Boston YMCA Association

Don't Fall for this Myth!

“We have automated controllers on our pools, so we are all set.”


Automated controllers are a huge help and required by many Health Departments. However, no Health Departments  allow companies to use the records from  automated controllers for compliance.