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✔︎ Manage pools not paper

Our patented web-based system includes fast recording for chemical pool logs, custom checklists with photo documentation and signature capture, alerts and remote access 24/7

✔︎ CMAHC Certified

Pool Shark H2O has received full certification by the Center for Disease Control’s Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) and includes instant water analysis with dosing instructions to ensure your pools stay clean and virus free.

30 Day Trial - No Credit Card Required

Chemical Tests Recorded..and Counting

60 Second Water Testing

Pool Shark H2O integrates with the LaMotte WaterLink Spin Touch to test 10 chemicals in 60 seconds making it simple for new or non-pool staff to accurately test the water.

Reduce Liability

Tamper proof electronic pool logs stamped with the users name, date and time, keep an accurate record for compliance and liability.

Stay Informed

Notifications & Alerts keeps management aware when pools need attention. Our dashboard provides instant access to the latest tests for All pools / spas from your smartphone or computer.

Lower Costs

Chemical Dosage calculations done automatically for each pool saves employee time and money spent on excess chemicals.

Easy for Everyone

Certified pool professional or summer help, our system does all the math for you, making it fast and easy to use.
Using Pool Shark H20 has proven to be the best way for our staff to keep in touch with our pool chemistry from shift to shift. By utilizing the technology within Pool Shark H20 we have drastically reduced the amount of time spent on calculating adjustments. From a management perspective I would highly recommend using this tool as it has many features that traditional methods do not possess, this makes it much easier to track test results and adjustments made by the team
Blake R.

Engineering Manager, Soundwaves - Gaylord Opryland Resort

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I have been using Pool Shark for about 3-4 years now. I work and manage a number of Hotels that have multiple bodies of water on each property. From a corporate perspective this is the best software on the market. We have used and tested many other products and none have come close to Pool Shark H2O. The Pool Shark H2O team have really taken care of us and have a knowledge of the pool industry. We have now integrated this product and are now using Pool Shark H2O on all of our properties and love the ease of use and how simple it was for integration. Not everyone is going to be a CPO that tests the pools, but they can test and get advice from the software as to what chemicals to add safely. We love how it integrates with the Lamotte Spin Touch and our iPad’s. Another thing that stands out is how we love the reports. They are amazing. We now share them with the State and we don’t have to worry about any fines or action taken from them because they know that we are on top of any and all of our pool chemistries.
Thank you Pool Shark H2O for being just awesome!!

Jim P.

Area Director of Engineering, Ensign Hospitality, LLC

Pool Shark H20 is a wonderful program. The interface is easy to navigate. It accommodates all 25 of our users who range from High school students to graduates. The email alerts allow the administrator users the ability to know what is going on even when away from the pool. It allows another line of communication about all 4 of our pools. Customer service with pool shark is PHENOMENAL. They were able to add features as needed to accommodate our company. They are just an all around great company to work with. I would recommend Pool Shark H2O to anyone in the pool industry.
Melissa W.

Aquatics Coordinator, Coomes Recreation Center

Pool shark H2O has been very helpful in many ways at the YMCA. First the app is great for streamlining recording info. I would highly recommend this to everyone. Second is the spin disk testing. 60 second testing is great. Lastly their team will go to any lengths to make sure his customers have the products they need to stay operational.
Chris G.


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