Online Pool Log books for mobile devices and computers.

Online Pool Chemical Log Book

Access all your pool logs from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Still using paper pool log books?

If so you are most likely losing money. Paper charts and chemical dosage wheels don’t provide instructions for your specific pool. Storing years of paper log books takes up valuable space! How long does it take you to find you records for warrantee claims?

Water Tests Recorded

Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications alert managers when recorded tests show water chemicals are out of range. Urgent Note alerts provide another level of communication between staff and managers.

Water Balancing Calculations

Automatic water chemical balancing provides chemical dosage instructions, saving time and money so even untrained staff get it right the first time!

Remote Access

Remote Access to pool logs reduces pool visits by management. Tamper proof pool logs accessible 24/7 for 7+ years reduces liability.

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